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New Website is LIVE!

With the release of version 2.2 of Red Urchin we thought it was time to update the website. You asked for better access to information on how to use Red Urchin and more focus on our Time and Priority Management principles and the Tips and Tricks. We have added a simple HELP section, that lists articles […]

Version 2.2 Launches

It has been a while coming, but we finally got version 2.2 out the door. The primary driver was to update the interface to better support iOS 7 and 8 but at the same time we refined some functionality and fixed some bugs. The full change log is detailed below: Completely updated interface for iOS7/8 […]

Attaching Documents

Red Urchin has the ability to attach different types of documents to Activities within the ‘To Do Today’ page and also any of the entries within the sub-pages. You can attach multiple documents from multiple sources (depending on your tablets operating system and installed apps) so the right information is at your fingertips when you […]

Deciding WHEN is the key

One of the key principles in the Red Urchin time management system is the first level filtering of tasks using the 4 D’s (See The 4D’s of Time Management). The 2nd ‘D’ is to “Decide when to do a task”. This decision is critically important to the Red Urchin system and is what distinguishes powerful […]

Goal setting 101

Setting goals is all about achieve-ability. Unless you can reasonably achieve goals then there is no point in setting them, so set goals that are specific, achievable, have a timeframe and can be broken down into smaller steps.

How to backup and restore data

To backup and restore Red Urchin data on the same device or on a new device (if you are upgrading), follow the steps below. Make sure you are logged in to iCloud Open Red Urchin App -> Go to Settings Backup your data (It will upload backup data on your iCloud account) Install Red Urchin […]