It’s about time

Red Urchin is a powerful and extremely simple to use time and priority management system. You can use it as simply or as detailed as you like depending on your workload, priorities and the way that you like to work. You can use it to schedule all parts of your life because whether we realise it or not we all lead a very task focussed lifestyle.
Read through these basic tutorials and you can add some real power and efficiency to your time and priority management.

A note on activities and tasks

Before we start, let just clear up some terminology so we don’t get confused by different definitions around the world. An ‘Activity’ as we define it, is simply a task – something you have to do normally by a deadline (but not always). It doesn’t matter what the activity is (personal, business etc) as we all need to do activities or tasks from multiple sources everyday (send sales report, pickup kids, go to gym). To break it down further, an outgoing activity is one that you have to complete and an incoming activity is one that is to be completed by someone else but you need to know about it (you may have a dependency on it or you have delegated the activity).

How the pages fit together

Red Urchin works by having a single main view – the ‘To Do Today’ page but also utilises a number of other sub pages that you can view independently and that feed activities into the main page. So our main page is the ‘To Do Today’ page! This is the central page or view that you will use on an ongoing basis. This is the ‘home’ page for the application and where all of your planning and activities come together, so you have a singular view that you can easily prioritise, schedule and complete as required.


Checklist to get started

  • Load Red Urchin on your iPad
  • Choose a day to get started (the start of your week is always good)
  • Try and clear you email inbox
  • Make a list of all outstanding tasks that you currently have ready for transfer to Red Urchin
  • Make sure you have read the Red Urchin System tutorials
  • Start the night before your start date

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