A specific objective by a specific time

The Goal Page is one of the four sub pages of the Red Urchin application. The purpose of the Goal Page is a central view to manage a goal, specific result or small project. It is designed to track the individual activities that combine to deliver the goal. It allows you to breakdown activities, plan progression and keep together all of the information that you require.

You can find an existing Goal Page by using the Goal summary page or using the Search field at the top of the ‘To Do Today’ Page. The sub page summary screen allows you to list the current Goal Pages in any order by selecting the column headings. To use the Search field, enter a relevant search term and select Search and a list of relevant pages will be displayed, ordered by relevance including both Active and Inactive pages. Select the relevant Communications Page from the results to open the page.

The Goal Page is broken into two main sections, the Header Section and the Data Section.

Goal Page

Goal Page

Header Section

The header section details all of the key information for the Goal Page and consists of a number of free text fields. The Target Date field allows you to choose the date for the completion of the entire goal. When you enter a date in this field, a corresponding entry is made in the ‘To Do Today’ page for that date in the Due From Others section reminding you that the goal is due to be fully completed.

The SMART Strategy Check buttons are useful to ensure a check and balance for your goal. Research and our users have shown that statistically for a goal to be completed it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and trackable (SMART). Assess your goal against these criteria and modify as required.

Active/Inactive status

A page has two statuses, either Active or Inactive. By default a Goal Page is active and stays active for the duration of the goal. When you have completed your goal you can set the page to Inactive by selecting the Active icon at the top of the page. This toggles the page status to Inactive, which simply locks the page for editing and decreases its relevance in any searches. It can still be viewed if required but to edit it, you need to set it back to Active which can be done by selecting the Inactive icon at the top of the page, which will toggle the page status back to Active.

Home, Help and Export icons

You can navigate back to the current ‘To Do Today’ page, by selecting the Home icon at the top of the page and all of your data will automatically save as you exit. To access help for the Goal Page, select the Help button at the top of the page. The Print/Export icon allows you to print (via airprint) or export the current page via PDF.

Data Section

The data section of the Goal Page functions very similar to the other Red Urchin pages. All of the entries are made in rows with the functionality specific to that row. Entries can be made in any row (empty rows are allowed) and the only mandatory field for a row is the Action/Activity field. There are a few key fields for each entry.

# Field

The # field automatically adds the next incremental number when an entry is made in the Action/Activity field. If there is a number already inserted in the field, you can select the field, change the number and all rows will renumber and reorder, so all rows are displayed in increasing numerical order.

Action/Activity Field

The Action/Activity field is a free text field for data entry and is the only mandatory field for a row. The purpose of the field is to note the particular activity to be completed.

Delegate Field

The Delegate field is a free text field limited to 6 characters and its purpose, like the Delegate field on the ‘To Do Today’ page its purpose is to note who an activity has been delegated to.

Resources Field

The Resources field is a free text field and its purpose is to record any required resources/people/equipment required for the task.

Start Date

By selecting the Start Date field, you can select a date for the activity to start. Entering a date does not automatically add it to your ‘To Do Today’ page for that date, to do that you must set the Action field. This is because you may not want to have all the activities listed from your Goal Page into your ‘To Do Today’ pages, but you may want dates allocated to all activities on the Goal Page.


The Duration field is used to enter the duration required to complete the activity. You can select both a number and the units for this field (Example : 2d for 2 days, 3w for 3 weeks etc).

Action Field

The Action field is an on/off selection for the Goal Page. By default it is set to OFF. By selecting the field, you can toggle the Action to ON, which then adds an activity on the ‘To Do Today’ page that corresponds to the Start Date with the Action/Activity text and also completes the Reference field.

Paperclip Icon

The paperclip icon allows you to attach documents from multiple sources. The icon is greyed out if there is no documents attached and highlighted if you have attached a document. See Attaching Documents

Action Icon (*)

The * icon allows you to performs particular actions on the row. The available action for the Goal Page are:

Change Font – this allows you to change the colour or highlight the entry

Mark As Completed – Set the task as completed. This also sets any time activated task to completed on the ‘To Do Today’ page. If you have set an entry to completed, you can also set it to uncompleted using this menu setting.

Delete Entry – This deletes the entire row permanently. It also deletes any related activity that you have linked in the ‘To Do Today’ page.

Insert Row – To insert a row above the currently selected row

Using the Goal Page Effectively

Our users tell us that the best way to use the Goal Page is to use it often and to make sure the goals adhere to the Strategy Check in the header section. Whether your goal is organising a dinner party to a product launch use the Goal Page as a place to brainstorm your thoughts, track your activities. Many of our users use this as a starting point to gather key activities and thoughts and then transition them to more powerful tools such as Microsoft Project.

Goal Page Tips and Tricks