For things less structured

The Notes Page is a free form page for making notes of any kind. It can be used as a standalone page or attached to a Communications, Goal or Meeting Page or linked to any activity in any page via the paperclip document attachment function.

You can create a new Notes Page by selecting the New icon from the top of the Notes summary screen. You need to enter at a minimum data in the Name/Subject field for the Notes Page to be created and saved. You can find an existing Notes Page by using the Search field at the top of the ‘To Do Today’ page. Enter a relevant search term and select Search and a list of relevant pages will be displayed, ordered by relevance including both Active and Inactive pages. Select the relevant Notes Page from the results to open the page.

The Notes Page is broken into two main sections, the Header Section and the Note Section.

Header Section

The Header Section details the name of the Notes Page and the functions to link the Notes Page if required to another page.

Active/Inactive status

A page has two statuses, either Active or Inactive. By default a Notes Page is active and stays active as required. When it is no longer relevant you can set the page to Inactive by selecting the Active icon at the top of the page. This toggles the page to Inactive, which simply locks the page for editing and decreases its relevance in any searches. It can still be viewed if required but to edit it, you need to set it back to active which can be done by selecting the Inactive icon at the top of the page, which will toggle the page status back to Active.

Home, Help and Export Icons

You can navigate back to the current ‘To Do Today’ page, by selecting the Home icon at the top of the page and all of your data will automatically save as you exit. To access help for the Communications Page, select the Help button at the top of the page. The Print/Export icon allows you to print (via airprint) or export the current page via PDF.

Name/Subject Field

The Name/Subject field is a free text field for you to enter a title for the Notes Page.

Link Page Button

The Link Page button on the right of the page allows you to link the Notes Page another page within the Red Urchin application. Selecting the Link Page button enables a sub menu that allows you to select an active page to link the Notes Page to. This is similar to the Reference field on the ‘To Do Today’ page. Once you have selected the sub page you want to link to, an entry is made in the corresponding sub page, on the next available row with a link to the Notes Page. You can see from the screen shot below a link to Notes Page from a Communications Page.

Notes Section

The note section allows free form entry of notes in whatever format that you need. There are multiple formatting options (bold, italic, lists, tabs) to allow you to format your notes as required.

Using the Notes Page Effectively

The Notes Page is intended for you to use when another page doesn’t suit your purposes or you just want to take informal notes about anything that comes along. Some of our users use them for shopping lists, brainstorming notes, prospective birthday presents for partners etc…let you imagination run wild!