An organised journey starts with a single step

Red Urchin is a powerful and extremely simple to use personal time and priority management system including a powerful application for iPad’s and an integrated time management system used by thousands of people worldwide to plan their time and live their lives more efficiently.

You can use it as simply or as detailed as you like depending on your workload, priorities and the way that you like to work and you can use it to schedule all parts of your life because whether we realise it or not we all lead a very task focussed lifestyle. It is a complete time and priority management system that is easy to use and easy to learn.

Red Urchin is based on the extensively tested and established Red Urchin time management system and key principles. Working in parallel is the Red Urchin app that makes our time management system come to life and combines your to-do list with your diary, calendar, contacts and powerful sub-pages all in one application that will make you more productive, achieve more and have more spare time…who wouldn’t want that!

You can use the system immediately…spend 30 minutes and you will be making a huge difference to your day. Work with it for a week following the system online and you will be more productive, more organised and have more free time.

You will be able to:

  • Manage your time more effectively (all of your time including work and personal time)
  • Effectively manage your tasks and priorities
  • Allocate time to get your tasks completed
  • Manage communications with a person or organization with a single view
  • Manage goals and meetings with dedicated pages
  • Get more achieved in the same time because you are more focused and organized
  • Meet deadlines and expectations when you said you would (or when your boss said you would)
  • Know before it is to late if you have to much on for the day
  • Save on diaries, annual supplies and refills

How the App works

The Red Urchin app works by having a single main view – the ‘To Do Today’ page but also utilises a number of other sub pages that you can view independently and that feed activities into the main ‘To Do Today’ page. This is the ‘home’ page for the application and where all of your planning and activities come together, so you have a singular view that you can easily prioritise, schedule and complete as required. You can view the ‘To Do Today’ page for any date.


The ‘To Do Today’ page not only has data that you enter into it directly but it can also display data that you have entered in the other sub pages. This is what we call backwards planning! As you can see from the diagram the sub pages are broken into 3 key scenarios – Communications, Goals and Meetings. There is also a generic Notes page that is used for free form notes and can be attached to any of the other sub pages. Rather than entering everything in the main page and then categorising it, you have other sub pages based around different scenarios that you work with and they feed data into your main ‘To Do Today’ page…simple!

These three key scenarios that we keep track of for time and priority management purposes allow us to group our thoughts, activities and responses to these scenarios in a given view.

A Communications Page contains all of your ‘communication’ with any person, organisation or other entity that you wish to keep track of and more importantly action and complete activities that come out of those communications. Similarly, the Goal and Meeting pages allow you to centralise your thoughts, outcomes and actions around a given goal or meeting and all of the pertinent information feeds back into the relevant ‘To Do Today’ page for you to prioritise and complete when required.

It is a simple system that has been used effectively by millions of people worldwide and based on sound time management principles. More importantly it is simple to use and scalable so you can plan as simple or as detailed as you want or need to. In addition you have the Red Urrchin time management system that guides you on the proceses, thoughts and decisions you need to make to work more effectively.

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