Using a container system

We have a lot of information that comes in and while Red Urchin can track and manage your tasks sometimes you need to have other information to assist you in completing those activities in your day to day schedule.

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Using the Outside Activities section

The Outside Activities section is designed as a specific secondary section to the main activities section on the ‘To Do Today’ page. Visually it allows activities to be segmented from the main list which we have found is important for a number of time management reasons.

We have key processes to order, prioritise, schedule and complete activities for our day so there is no need to segment the activities into lots of different categories especially since a lot of our activities come from Communications, Goals and Meeting pages which are already segmenting or grouping the activities. So over the years the main segmentation that our users have asked for is to have a section for activities that are different from our main list, so we quite simply called this section Outside Activities.

Many users list activities that are of a “personal” nature and keep all their “work” related activities in the main section but however you use it, the best way is to use the Outside Activities section is to keep activities that are different from the main section listed in there, but remember the same prioritisation, scheduling and completion rules apply.

Using the Reference field

The Reference (Ref.) field on the ‘To Do Today’ page has been the subject of much discussion by our users on the best way to use it. Here is a summary of how it was intended and how our users use it.

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