The tool that enables effective time management

Red Urchin is an extremely powerful but simple to use time and priority management application for Apple iPads.

Easy to use

Red Urchin is simple to use. You can use it straight away to enter tasks, prioritise them, then order them for completion and fit them into your schedule. Take a few more minutes and you will be able to track communications with people or organisations and seamlessly enter those tasks into your main task to do today page. Manage your personal, work and down time directly from a single view and work with goals, meetings and communications on dedicated pages that all feed critical information back to your main management page. This is effective time management that works in the real world.

  • Enter your tasks on any day and move between days and months easily
  • Enter your tasks in 3 different daily sections
  • Enter key data (priority, delegate, reference, time) as required for your tasks
  • Set up recurring tasks or calendar reminders
  • Colour or highlight your tasks
  • Setup seperate Communications, Goals, Meeting and Notes sub pages
  • Link tasks between your main To Do Today page and your subpages
  • Plan your workload with your available schedule from the same page view
  • Set tasks to completed or move them easily via drag and drop to a new date
  • Attach any document from multiple sources to any task
  • Export or print your page views
  • With priorities set easily see what is next to complete
  • Search through all parts of Red Urchin to find what you need
  • Automatically tidy up and consolidate outstanding tasks

Based on tried and tested time management principles

As much as we would like to take all the credit, some of the key processes within Red Urchin are tried and tested core principles of time management that millions of people around the world have effectively used to be more efficient. Red Urchin has combined these core principles and built our own time management system that comes to its full effectiveness in the tablet environment. Tablets allow us to automatically link, transfer and enter data immediately which can be cumbersome in paper based systems.

Plan as simple or as detailed as you want

With Red Urchin you can plan as simply or as detailed as you want, or need. You don’t need to use all of the features all of the time and you don’t need to categorise and prioritise every task, every time. Work the way you want depending on the situation, workload and types of tasks.

Plan forward and backward

Most to-do lists and basic time management systems do what we call forward planning, this is where you enter all of your tasks into a central list and then categorise them into categories that make sense to you. While this works for simple tasks, we find it gets cumbersome when you want to look at a view of a particular topic or person (a goal or communications with someone).

Red Urchin also supports (in fact it is the main way Red Urchin works) what we call backwards planning. Backwards planning is where you start with a Communications Page dedicated to a central person and if there is actions from those communications you action them so they appear on your main to do today page. Now do this across 200 Communications Pages and you not only have 200 direct views of communications, but a central list of actions from all different sources for you to manage more effectively. Simple yet powerful time and priority management.

Easy conversion from paper based systems

While we love Priority Management, Day Timer, Franklin Covey and other paper based systems, they certainly have their limitations in the digital age. You can convert from these paper systems with ease as Red Urchin follows very similar methodologies, but Red Urchin saves duplication of data, integrates with your devices existing contacts and calendar and uses the power of technology for efficiencies that paper systems cannot match. Many of our users have converted from paper based systems to harness the power of tablets and save lots of money on annual supplies.

New features continually added

With a growing user base and extensive feedback mechanism, we listen to our users and the future of Red Urchin is driven by them. Our community not only drives the best ways to use Red Urchin but also which features they want in upcoming releases. Join us!

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