Goodbye paper and double entry

Are you currently using a specific paper based system to run your life and worried about converting to something else?

Worry no more! Red Urchin will allow you to simply and easily convert from your paper based systems to using the power of a tablet based time and priority management application.

We love Priority Management, Franklin-Covey, Daytimer and other paper based systems…but lets face it they are so 1990!

Most of the popular paper based time and priority management systems are based around some key rules and processes of time management that are hard to translate to a traditional diary or to-do list application.  Users of these systems become embedded within the internal processes to manage their time, and so they should, quite simply they work. Until now nothing has come along so that users can easily take their embedded time management processes and easily transition them to a computer based system.

So fear not…Red Urchin allows you to easily transition from your paper based system to utilise the effectiveness and power of the same time management approaches but on a more efficient platform.  This stops you having to rewrite, reorder and manually edit content, activities and tasks.  Combine that with centralised contacts and document integration you have the an unmatchable solution for time and priority management and lets not mention the horrendous costs of annual supplies for these paper based systems.

So make the leap today, ditch the paper and go digital.  To transition, follow these easy steps.

  • Download Red Urchin onto your favourite large format tablet
  • Ensure your contacts/people is up to date on your device and preferrably syncs to a main source (outlook, exchange, google etc)
  • Ensure your device calendar is up to date with your future appointments
  • Pick a day to start your transition (Monday seems to be a favourite), and start using Red Urchin from that date as your primary time and priority management systems but carry your existing paper based system for a week with it to transition information to Red Urchin (communications, meetings, goals) and then you also can lookup information you may require.
  • Spend some time transitioning key components of Meetings, Communications details etc.
  • After a week you should be able to use Red urchin exclusively
  • Live a happy life!