Attaching Documents

Red Urchin has the ability to attach different types of documents to Activities within the ‘To Do Today’ page and also any of the entries within the sub-pages. You can attach multiple documents from multiple sources (depending on your tablets operating system and installed apps) so the right information is at your fingertips when you need it. If there is no files attached to an Activity the paperclip is grey, if there is files attached to an Activity the paperclip is highlighted yellow.

To attach a document you firstly need to select the paperclip icon that sits at the right of an Activity row. Once selected Red Urchin will open the Attach Document window. If you have not attached a document previously the initial list will be empty. At the bottom of the window there is a Attach Document button and a Cancel button.

To attach a document, select the Attach Document button and select from the list of options from the window that opens. You can choose documents from multiple sources but the process is the same.

Red Urchin Notes Page

To attach a Red Urchin Notes Page, select the Notes Page button and select for the list of Red Urchin Notes Pages. You can only select Notes Pages that already exist within Red Urchin or add a new Notes Page directly from the Notes Summary Screen.

Other Sources

Currently Red Urchin supports attachments from the following sources:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • iTunes Document Repository

When you have chosen the source of your attachment, navigate to the attachment you require and select it. It will be added to the Attachment window. If you need to attach multiple documents follow the steps above and once completed select the Cancel button.

Deleting Attachments

To delete an attachment from your list, simply swipe to the left and a Delete button will appear. Select the Delete button to remove the attachment from the list.

Opening Attached Files

To open or view a file that you have attached to an Activity, open the Attach Document window by selecting the yellow paperclip from the Activity row. By selecting any of the documents in the list, that file will be opened viewed on your device. NOTE : you need to have the correct software or viewer to view the related file type on your device. For example you would need to have a PDF reader to view a PDF document.

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