Deciding WHEN is the key

One of the key principles in the Red Urchin time management system is the first level filtering of tasks using the 4 D’s (See The 4D’s of Time Management). The 2nd ‘D’ is to “Decide when to do a task”. This decision is critically important to the Red Urchin system and is what distinguishes powerful time management applications such as Red Urchin from linear To Do lists.

An easy habit when a task comes to you is to write it down on a single linear list but what happens over time is that you just get a long list with no way to effectively manage and complete tasks as and when the need to be completed. A more powerful way is to decide when to do a task (or when it needs completing by) and the answer a lot of the time is not actually today. So use the tools at your disposal, in that the task may have its own inherent deadline and so that will guide the timeframe you have available. You can also flick through your Red Urchin ‘To Do Today’ pages to see what other tasks you have locked in to particular days so you can see proposed workload and hence availability (you can always move it in while ‘planning tomorrow today’).

The other added bonus is that you have written it down, set the Reference and maybe time and it is out of your head (See Writing things down! NOW!).

Get in the habit of assessing tasks accurately, making an informed decision on the best time to complete a task, write it down with all its relevant information and use the power of future planning.

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