What if I have planned more time than I have?

This is a common problem! With Red Urchin if you follow the simple pre-planning activities and remember to ‘Plan Tomorrow Today‘ you will be able to identify it prior rather than when it is to late. With the Red Urchin time and priority fields you will know in advance if your activities for a day add up to more time than you have available and can do something proactive about it.

Lets look at the issue more concisely.  Firstly the element of time and what time we have available in a given day (we will use day as the unit for this discussion) is based on a number of key assumptions.  Since we should be using Red Urchin to plan all parts of our life when required (yes, some users even schedule blocks of time for sleeping) we have a number of waking hours as the first number, minus our normal life things (getting dressed, eating, travelling) gives us a gross amount of time available.  We then normally have previously scheduled meetings/appointments.  This gives us a net available time to complete our activities.  We know from our exceptional planning that sometimes our A tasks may add up to more than the net time available.  So there is only really two things that can change the equation:

  • Make more net time available
  • Have less activities to complete

The only way to make more net time available is to reschedule/cancel/delegate your fixed time components.  To have less activities to complete you can move activities to other days, delegate activities for completion or delete it completely.  Whatever you choose, planning is paramount and you can have done all of this the day before, it makes you more productive, more efficient and more reliable.

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