Writing things down! NOW!

We have all been there…can’t get to sleep, too much on your mind, try counting sheep, 1, 2, 3, what else do I need for that presentation tomorrow, did I pack my gym gear, what number was I up to…1, 2, 3…

One of the key ways to stop things bouncing around in your head and playing on your mind is to write them down. Not only does it get a record of them before you forget and move on to something else but it is a mental process that your brain knows that you have recorded it and so your subconscious no longer has to worry about it at inconvenient times.

There is several key parts to achieving this very simple process. Firstly you need to write it down on something…If your tablet is close by easy…if not write it on anything you can and get it into Red Urchin as soon as possible. The second part, and this is for your subconscious sake is that writing it down is only half the battle, you need to convince your brain that you have actioned it effectively. By noting it in Red Urchin and applying some time management logic to it (I will do it Tuesday next week and it will take 15 minutes) and you are done….brain is happy, it won’t be forgotten and you will get the tasks completed.

Moral of the story…write it down in Red Urchin as soon as you can….sweet dreams!

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